Youth Employment Promotion

Field of Activity 4: Youth Employment

Youth Employment (Activity 4) aims to develop new qualification-raising measures to employ youth in industries with high demand, such as welding / metal fabrication, production and processing of agricultural products, and energy-efficient construction, including appropriate proposals for their financing from interested parties (employers, vocational schools and employment services). Selected vocational schools, AVE and RSMC will be supported in the development of teaching and training materials and course concepts within qualification-raising measures, and their implementation in learning and training. At the same time, AVE and RSMC will be consulted on the distribution of model short courses focused on employment, such as conflict prevention and resolution, international computer rights in other regions of the country, and on receiving funding from the state to promote employment. Technical short courses will be supplemented by training on start-ups.

Centers of Competence in Vocational School No. 4 in Bishkek, Vocational Lyceum No. 16 in Osh and Building Colleges in Bishkek and Osh have received support in the form of vocational-pedagogical / didactic advanced training in particular in the field of thermal insulation in construction. In this context, a conceptual approach to energy-efficient construction and renovation should be adjusted and transferred from the initial vocational education (level of specialists) to education in secondary technical schools (level of technicians).

Indicator 5: 65% of the graduates have found employment after the finalization of the newly introduced employment-oriented qualification measures.


Target Groups

- Pupils from vocational education and technical colleges

- unemployed persons

- teachers


Key Actors

- the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic (MES)

- the Agency for Vocational Education (AVE)

- the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Youth of the Kyrgyz Republic (MLMY)

- the Republican Scientific and Methodological Centre (RSMC)

- pilot vocational schools


Secondary Actors

- the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic (CCI)

- employers

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